Wednesday, September 1, 2010

In Your Dreams...

Maybe it was the heartache I felt sending my "baby" to 8th grade today , maybe it was the emotions I feel knowing my princess will be 5 in few weeks or maybe it is the fact we still have an empty chair at the dinner table. Whatever it maybe , has had me dreaming of a baby the last few weeks. I wake up with joy in my heart and an automatic sense of chaoticness ( that could be because it is chaotic) as I stumble to the coffee pot. Does this feeling ever end? Do you really know your done having children? Yes, situations make it harder for us at this time in our life to justify having a baby and the fact my in-laws and best friend would think we are nutso...Maybe one day I can get another Lucy Sue. Until then...I will dream , and cherish the others chaotic blessings...

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Mama D.'s Dozen

At age 48 ... and already the mother of 12 children ... I still think the "What if we had another baby?" scenario. It appears that my time is up, though, and I must wait patiently for the grandbabies to come.

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