Thursday, September 2, 2010

Your Home Is Not for Show

Yep, that is what a good friend told me a few weeks back...that must have been because she seen me a WRECK because my counter was full of crap, toys strung from one end of the house to another, I am sure there was toys in the toilets, toilet paper wrapped around a baby doll, soap nicely dispensed all over the counter with soapy hand prints covering my bathroom mirror, or the fact every toy bin had been dumped out and was resting nicely into a large heap that I had to walk over to get to the dresser.

The shoe bin had been dumped out by the door , the dogs food was thrown all around, there was enough food under the counters for a complete 5 course meal...

Why would I freak out? I mean really?

As my good friend had mentioned, my house was not for show...a family actually lived here.

My response was a family of monkeys live least nobody was flinging poo

( not yet anyways)

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Just so ya know...
both of my couches are currently covered in laundry that has not been folded, I had to shove mail over on the desk to move the computer mouse this morning, I can't find my kitchen island, and the kids threw their cereal this morning while I was in the shower so there is cereal strewn all around the table about ten feet out. Plus the ever-present dumped toy bins, piles of dirty laundry stacked up on the floor, and the ever-present aroma of pee, and you have my wonderful home. Feel better? :)

our sweet life

Oh, yea! I don't understand this-why do we always have to live like my mom-in-law's coming over? She knows very well that we LIVE HERE! And for some, hereditary reason, I have to remind my husband of this often! Anyone is welcome here anytime...just don't look at the cobwebs!! ;)