Friday, September 24, 2010

Friday Facts

Thankful For:

There is so much I could say...I am just a thankful person. I am thankful for all the people in my life and the ones who come along side of our kids and love them and support them in all they do. I try not to take any day for granted. Does that mean I am not crabby or self -centered sometimes? No, I still battle the crap. I still get depleted. I still run on empty but in the back of my mind I am always thankful. We are blessed with much more then most people , not because we are better then others or work harder then others being blessed has nothing to do with either of that. Our life could be worse and I don't take what we have for granted.

Listening To: Mickey Mouse and a kid yelling for a circle sandwich.

What's For Dinner: Left overs from the week...almost like a Buffet...well except we won't be having hundreds of people coming through the line.

Looking Forward To:

Fall is here. I am thinking of decorating today , however that will depend on if my mood changes or not. I am just a bit crabby today. I am feeling depleted. Empty. I figured if I blogged I would feel better but no...

I am Missing: about 30 hours of sleep this past week.

Quote of the week: " In a minute. I promise. I will get you what you need in a minute. "
This is me...all week..I feel like I just can't get it all pulled together.

~ What Are Your Friday Facts??? I would love to read about your week!

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My week is good... and emotional. Will you pray that we feel clarity in possibly adding a fourth child to our fam - somehow, someway? Will you pray that Natasha has a safe delivery? And today, I am praying for you. :)