Saturday, August 28, 2010

Hey Mom Call Me

When I met Jeremy he would tell me all the time if he ever won the lottery he would spend his days taking the elderly out to coffee, everyday that he could. I will never forget that. I could see how much he loved his grandparents and the elderly.

Jeremy's grandparent's are WONDERFUL, all of them.

They will call him if their TV isn't working , he will drop everything and go and help them, whatever their need maybe. He will stop by for coffee and cookies ( as Grandma will always have cookies) My kids love going to see them ( they know grandma will load them up on cookies) and they love seeing the kids.

When Matthew was about 7-9 years old they would go every Monday and have 3:00 coffee and cookies. Jeremy would try to limit Matthew to 3 cookies but always turned a blind eye when Grandma would sneak Matthew a few more for good measure.

When I had my first Surgery Grandma was in California. She spent 2 days trying to call me at the hospital, not knowing I had been sent home to recover.

Grandma is in her 90's as well as Grandpa and I have to tell you they are amazing.

We went to visit Grandma yesterday as she was recovering from hip surgery. She looked good in spite of all the pain she was in. She was very happy to see us and good thing she wasn't to embarrassed as my kids ran up & down the hallways making friends with the health care staff.

One of the highlights was the fact Grandma had cookies in her recovery room, making the kids so excited!!

Jeremy went later in the evening to bring Grandpa back home after his visit with they where leaving Grandpa bent down to kiss Grandma , patted her arm and tells her...

..Hey mom, why don't you call me when you think your coming home, give me a few days notice so I can clean the house. It is not to bad, I think you can get in...

My heart melted as Jeremy told me the story....that sounds just like Jeremy & I...I call him when I am about an hour away from home so he can "clean the house" and if you know Grandma you know everything has to be just right at home...just like me.

When I told Jeremy that totally reminded me of us...he smiled and said I know, I had to tell you it was the sweetest thing ever!

Today Jeremy is "babysitting" his other Grandpa for the day. His Grandma has to be out of town for the day , she called Jeremy to ask him to babysit Grandpa ( as he has Alzheimer's) and without hesitation he said yes....

What a very unselfish man who teaches me and our children everyday how to love others and put others before yourself.

" Love the Lord God with all your heart, with all your soul and all your mind" This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is just like it " LOVE your neighbor as yourself"
Matthew 22:37-39

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