Thursday, September 16, 2010

He said a bad word

My little kids hate going to the nursery. We have had our number flash on the screen many times during church service. Arghh...and remember I told you my husband makes us sit towards the front? We have had a child with us 4 out of the last 9 times we attended service.

They act as if we never have taken them to "church school"

Really? How can you forget? We have been attending for 8 years!

Olivia still hangs on to me, evil eyes me as I run for the door.

I need this break! Don't they get it?

Don't they get I am women before I am a mom? Of course not. No Way.

We went to the first MOPS meeting of the year. This requires Carter to go to "Church School" and because we don't go but 2 times a month , he is not a fan of me bolting from the door. I can hear him screaming as I walk Liv to her class. He is sobbing. I think to myself he has to stay there, I am not missing this meeting, I am not getting a sitter ( as I have done the previous year due to not being able to load them or unload them) I am going to try and tune you out. He quit crying by the time I walked past his classroom door. Okay, I ran past the door in hopes he would NOT see me.

We had a great meeting. I don't get called away.

We arrive home and as we are getting out of the truck I ask Carter " how was church School?"

It Sucked!!

I try not to laugh as I process what he just blurted out.

Tattletale Olivia tells me Carter said a naughty word.

Followed by...

Aren't you going to spank his A**?

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At least it isn't only my kiddo's who let on slip now and then... I always blame it on their dad for teaching them the word though :) Hang in there! Stef