Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Access Allowed

Blogger has a new feature that will allow you to see who is reading your blog. It is a cool feature that will allow you to see how many hits you get a day, week, month and it even breaks it down to the hour. It will let you see where your visitors are coming from ( Canada, Thailand) and will let you see the keyword people use to search for your blog.

If I wanted to be rich off this I would blog about my husband and my life anonymously and care about how people find my blog, then I wouldn't care who found me but when you find that you have CREEPERS looking at your blog for S**ual stuff you tend to go a bit nuts and lock it down.

I was a bit overwhelmed by the response I got when I went private..I am sorry to all you readers out there. NOBODY was allowed access so PLEASE quit taking it so personal. I changed a few settings so now you should be able to read it without logging into a google account, but I would encourage you to set up a google account ( this is very easy) so if these setting's do not work, then you will be able to view the blog and comment on my post so I don't feel like I am being stalked I will send out an invite to your email address and then you will be able to read it. If you do not get an invite this means I don't like you then email me.

So whatcha going to do???

Set up a google account

Comment on the posts you love

and continue stalking me...

Mu ah!! xoxoxox

4 ...Stalker Comments:

Sara Joy

Wahoooooooo, I'm happy to be able to read your blog again :) Oh my goodness, I had NO idea you could checkout all the blog views and stuff. Holy smokes, now I want to know who they all are!!! ha ha ha Thanks for making my head spin. (LOL)



I will keep stalking you, as long as you are OK with it! :)

The Kingsborough Queen

your're back...yay!!!

Brandon and Kari Mulder

I love reading your blog too :) Thanks again for purchasing some of our cookbooks!! Pass our information along!!