Thursday, October 23, 2008


Sometimes I wonder how I get so busy..I mean really does a SAHM really have that much to do where she can't nurture relationships? I wonder this out loud because I know we are so busy...Busy doing what!!??

I have to schedule free days into my calender so I feel relaxed and then POOF they are full of something...Sometimes I wish I could browse the store for the perfect gift for a friend or redecorate and have the time to make countless trips to the hardware store.

Don't get me wrong..I do have down time in between being busy but I am a people person. I enjoy people I enjoy having people over...what I struggle with is finding time for projects. Maybe It is the perfectionist in me. If I can't finish a room in an afternoon why start? Does anyone else struggle with this or do I just need to buck up and start a project!? I some times think I need a team of people to accomplish a decorating tasks..I am challenged in this area..Seriously..I Will call my best Friend in the middle of purchasing a picture for the wall and feel so overwhelmed on where it should go that I walk out empty handed. This may explain the 25 items in my closet that are screaming for me to hang them up!! before they are considered vintage. :)

I am a risk taker by nature so why do I pick out a color of paint and hang onto it in my wallet for 6 months!? Aww...Why!?

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Paint's a commitment. Takes time to put it up and time to re-do if you don't like it. Its not 'risky.' :)