Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Old Blog..but still funny!

Before I found this awesome blogging site ( Thanks Allison!) I blogged on my myspace page..here is a blog that I wanted to share.

So today was Wednesday ! I love Wednesday's because most of you all know that I love to find a Bargain and on Wednesday's Lynden's Finest Thrift shop opens up at 9am! So let me begin my day.......

Wake late...8:15! I set the alarm but forgot what day it was and couldn't figure out why I was to get up at 7 so I shut the alarm off. The next thing I know I am to pull off getting 2 kids and myself out the door in 30 mins! I run down stairs and wake Matthew then I realize that my only pair of Maternity pants are still in the Wash.........So I throw them in the dryer all while trying to sound upbeat and chipper to my darling son who still needs to eat, brush his teeth and hug his sister.

So I jet back upstairs and wake Liv ( who Loves to Sleep in the morning not at night) She does not want to get up nor does she want to get dressed. Only wants her dad who is in the shower and then as her brother comes to "rescue" her she screams for her mom and the chipper me turns to a a crabby me and tells Matthew to Hurry and knock it off........He gets me by saying...oh I am eating at school they are having cinnamon rolls ..Bye and before I could say a word he was out the door.

Jeremy who hears all the chaos and knows this is my Special day quickly pulls himself together, grabs Liv finishes dressing her. I grab the diaper bag after I throw her breakfast in there ( string cheese,Goldfishes and an orange) Healthily I must say.....and I don't forget the cup and binky and blanky and her baby! he is off the the van to buckle her in and I am right behind.. I love you Honey!

I kiss him goodbye and he goes to say something and I see my neighbor drive by ( another Wednesday morning groupie) I tell my husband I can't talk I have to go the neighbor is beating me! I go to back up and the other Neighbor passes me ( Yes 4 ladies on the block!) I am so frazzled that I will be the last one there and all the good stuff will be gone! So all the neighbors are now sitting at the light on Depot ( thank you Jesus) I can beat them to the door because I drive my van like a race car! We have to go the Long way around due to construction. As I am driving through the paper depot lot I reach back unbuckle Liv and tell her to be READY! I find a spot grab Liv and breathe a sigh of relief.......I am first....I think I am first!!!!! They have a whole new entrance! Yikes! I head to the new entrance only to see my Neighbor standing there. oh, well I am second and that is good. I am second with wet Maternity pants on.

I only found a few good deals not many but hey who can pass up a Dora ballerina dress for 1.29? So I go get my coffee and when I am pulling out I didn't see a car so I slammed on the brakes and Liv's baby went flying....I hear " DAMMIT DAMMIT DAMMIT" 3 times perfectly......my reaction is to say where did you learn that? But I already knew........My bad habit now became hers. OUCH!

So off to pick up Jeremy's Grandma to go to Walmart.......The shopping trip was good well as good as it can be with a 2 year old who really thinks they made every Cinderellieee for her or the fact she screams for a half dead balloon tied to a rounder ( pulled it off so she quit crying) ....We proceed to check out and I then realize she is MISSING Her Shoe.....Grandma is waiting back is hurting, She is crying for fries, I now have to find a shoe

So off to find one brown slip on really cute little girls shoe in the whole entire Walmart...10 minutes later I finally ask a helper to put out a page on a missing size 8 brown slip on shoe for a little girl....So really loud and excited (this worker is way to friendly and eager to help me) She makes her announcement ( I think she had way to much Coffee!!!) I then go off to the cleaning dept to try there and as I was turning the corner this lady starts yelling and I mean yelling " I FOUND IT! I HAVE THE MISSING SHOE! I FOUND IT " Like 10 times so loud she could not Hear me try to claim it Quietly. I raised my hand and tried to get her attention but she had just acted like she had hit the jackpot in Vegas! I finally get the lost shoe from her and she hugs me...I was a bit taken aback but hey we found the shoe.....

Off to Costco.................I will make a long story short...I got into a fight with another mini van driving mom from Canada who was so impatient she made grandma jump out of the way and then hit my legs as she opened her door and I was so mad at her I just said " You saw we were here" and she said You saw I was waiting..........Since when is it okay to have no grace for a 90 year old women or a 2year old or a pregnant person? Crap Why can't we all just have Grace? Why are we in such a hurry? The confrontation made me feel crappy. I hate stuff like that.

Well, I forgot the diapers so looks like we are headed there again......................

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Just what I needed today! So glad to hear I am not the only one who has days like this. I am still laughing at Olivia's outburst after losing her baby in the car. Hope today is a good day!