Friday, October 3, 2008

12 years ago...

12 years ago we did not have fancy birth announcements, battery operated swings, slings, co-sleepers, wipe warmers, sleep sacks, space saver high chairs, or johnny jumpers on the ground!!

We did have a brand new birthing center where I delivered my first son...I was the first to deliver in room 16 and actually stay in the room for the duration. 12 years ago I had no idea the love I could feel for someone else. I had no idea that my wants and needs where to be put on the back burner as I some how stumbled through teething, shots, diaper rashes, bumps and falls.

I had no idea that Barney would contiously play over and over on the one and only TV. I had no idea that when I would crawl in bed at night that Jeremy and I would sing the silly songs to each other as they had been embedded in our minds.

12 years ago I fell in love with my first born. My easiest child by far. Slept through the night at 4 weeks old...always had such a sweet, laid back personality.

Happy Birthday Matthew, I will never forget the day you where born. The way you confirmed in my soul that we have a God a wonderful heavenly father who loves us no matter what.

You are still my buddy. I will never forget how you would sneak in my bed when dad was working out of town and tell me that you would leave when dad came home but I would find you sleeping in front of my door. I will never forget how worms and ants needed to be kept in the house not outside because you thought it was to cold. I will never forget how you made 88.00 on a pop stand that dad built you. I will never forget how you where always naked.

I am so excited and so proud of the Young man you are becoming. Making appropriate choices and always helping out the neighbors. I am sad that 12 years has gone by and I have 7 years left to have you here with us. I am half way done till you leave for college ( I know you are reading this!) and it sucks.

Matthew, Dad and I could not have asked for a more responsible and loving son. Happy 12th Birthday Frederico, son.