Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Go Da Mikey Go

I was 16 when he was born....he was 3 and already an uncle by age 4 a brother in law... He is my little brother...Da Mikey...what an amazing child of God..what a true joy to have around our home and in the lives of my children.

Mikey made the decision to let the our Lord be his guide and savior on Sunday. tonight made the public declaration to confess his love for Jesus by getting baptized by Pastor Barb and Jeremy. I am so Happy for him!!! Here is a young man that has had a rough, rocky ,and sometimes very unfair life and yet he has hope for the future by trusting our Lord for direction and hope.

We are so in love with you Mikey! We are so PROUD of you! Go Da Mikey GO!

Side Note: Ever since he was a baby we would say " Go Da Mikey Go!

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