Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Why Hello! I have missed you. I have not even signed into my blog account for awhile and that means I have about 200 blog post to read. YIKES!

I can't sleep. My mind is a racing.

I made a "to do list" of 56 things I need to accomplish in the next few weeks. My mind is ready for them but my body is not. I broke the list down into manageable chunks , now let me NOT lose the list or let life get in the way.

You will need to bare with me. I still can't load pictures on this super slow thing I call a computer...that means you might not see what I found in my strawberries or all the pictures of my darling kiddos.

Why is it I even attempt to check out library books? I pay more in late charges then any person I know. I mean how hard is it to grab the 4 items and drop them off 4 blocks away? Obviously to hard or I wouldn't owe 5.46

Why is it that you spend so much time worrying about if people like you or not? I mean really? Who cares if they do or don't? Why do people consume themselves with playing games pitting friends against friends? Why is it people can't say no without feeling guilty? Why is it your the one who has to reach out and having no one reach back? Why can't people take words for what they are? Why must people project their own insecurities on others? Why do people try to let others get to know them, when the other doesn't care to know them?

These are the questions that roll around in my head and I know that I will NEVER get the answers. So I let it go....but hey if you have the answers fill me in!

Went to the spray park today...the lids LOVED it! Well the little ones did. Mr. I am to cool for anything because I am 14 tried to enjoy it. Aww.. the joys of having such a huge age gap. If any of you think it is easier then having kids2-3 years apart you are mistaken..BIG TIME!

Olivia will be 5 in a few weeks...a no frills party has turned into a a " BIG FRILLS ' party...

Carter my baby ( and always will be) has an obsession with tractors. Has to sleep with a tractor & trailer every night.

I am suppose to be working on my home school lesson plans...I have to turn them in by Friday...urghh once again my procrastination gets the best of me.

Jeremy & Matthew where wrestling around last week and Matthew took Jeremy down , resulting a rib injury for Jer. Matthew felt bad but I think inside he was thinking he was Mr. tough pants..

I feel bad...but it was kinda funny..

Until next time...

I promise it won't be a long time...

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Brandon and Kari Mulder

I am glad your back...I love reading your brutally honest posts...I LOVE IT!!

our sweet life

I swear that the reason our library is doing a huge expansion project is because of our overdue fines! It's actually on my way to everywhere but sometimes I'm just too lazy to get my butt out of the truck to walk up the sidewalk and drop the book or video on the THAT'S pathetic! I've been known to carry them in the truck for weeks". So the next time you get bummed about your fine, just add a 0 to the end of the amt. and think of me (and our 6 overdue accounts!)

Mama D.'s Dozen

Just catching up on my blogs tonight ... after being on a 6 week, 9,000 miles Road Trip with the kids. It was crazy, but fun.

Are you homeschooling Matthew this year? Which program is he enrolled in?

Hope you are doing well.

Laurel :)