Friday, August 27, 2010

Quick update

Here is a quick update on my back...

It still hurts ...

Okay, I will give you a bit more then that..

I have had continuing leg pain that I swear has never gone away and not one surgery has fixed it. The 3rd surgery was the most helpful but not 100% curable.

I am scheduled for an MRI to see if another surgery will be needed. My doctor doesn't recommend another one and at this point I don't care...what could it really hurt? I mean c'mon if it has any chance of taking away the pain then I will go for it. However, since he doesn't recommend it unless absolutely necessary I am looking at other options.

Sometimes I feel as if I am walking around broken....I look normal but inside I am sad and disappointed that there has not been a relief to the pain in over 4 almost 5 years...could you imagine walking around with a broken arm or leg even a finger for 5 years and yet, trying to live life?

I have 4 reasons to get out of bed each morning...

I adore them and they adore me.

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