Friday, August 27, 2010

No peeing on your sister

I am really starting wonder if my kids are normal. Yep, you can guess by the title of this post that naughtiness has stuck again.

So, Miss America is eating breakfast in her chair ( an overstuffed kids chair) and she starts screaming.

I ignore her and continue on facecracking it.

She comes running to me and is covered in something....yea, that would be pee.


Carter had taken it upon himself to pee on her.


I clean her up , punish Carter and put the chair outside to dry.

Fast forward 4 hours later.....

Olivia goes to get the chair and I look outside just in time to see Carter doing the pee stance, ready to aim.....


Needless to say he got in BIG trouble...and now walks around the house yelling...


Well jeez kid I hope you don't pee on her again, what are you a dog?

* Carter name for Olivia is Lala....he can't say Olivia

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Here is my random comment....

My backdoor neighbor told me that every time my kids pee off the deck that their whole family runs to the window to look, not because they are weirdos, but because it is funny how Jared pees between the bars on the deck and out into the yard.