Sunday, August 1, 2010

Another Month

Thought you might want an update on the family...since it has been one month since the last post. I wonder if I even still have any blog stalkers out there? I wonder if they missed me?

Today we celebrate 12 years of marriage. To me it is an accomplishment. He is my best friend , my life, my everything. I could not imagine life without him. Everyday we work at it. I savor everyday with him.

I also know that after 12 years love changes...

* your heart fills up with thankfulness that he calls you in the middle of the day

* you can make mistakes and know he forgives you ( like not getting him card on your anniversary)

* He can make you laugh

* He gets your humor

* He knows "your crazy eyes" look

* He knows what food you like and don't like

* He cooks dinner , even though I stay home

* He is the one I cry for every time I get out of surgery

* He gets me ( and that is hard for anyone)

Life is not perfect. Marriage is not perfect. Life is hard. Marriage is hard.

But everything seems a bit easier when you walk through it with your best friend.

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The Kingsborough Queen

beautifully put...happy anniversary, you guys earned every minute of celebrating!