Thursday, July 8, 2010

Why Not?

Why not have your fridge & freezer go out on a 93 degree day? Why not fork over 300.00 bucks to fix it right after you spent your monthly budget on Popsicles and slip & Slides? Why not scrub your freezer/fridge clean on a very hot day? Why not lose 150.00 in food?

Why wake up in excrucitating pain 5days ago knowing full well something is not right? Why not sit around and wait for the doctor to call you back?

I am having a

But I then remember why not me? There are people with much less "everything" then me.

There are people hungry and hurting.

So I am turning this around....thanks to my hubby who has had to hear me cry at least 3 times today ( damn monthly PMS)

Honey, Lets look on the bright side...what if the fridge went out when we went on a vacation? what if we came back to that smell?

He is right.

What if?

Bright side...My brother in law loaned us his air conditioner so we have a very cool mother n law called at a not so good time today and offered to brave the heat and crowds to try and find me a pool for the kids since our got a hole in it yesterday.

Awww....on my I still have family who loves us.

So I think...

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Heather D

There you go.
You are VERY loved.
Hope things are looking up, woman!


Tiffiny I hope you are doing ok. Just wanted to let you know that I am thinking of you and missing your posts :) Let me know if there is anything that I can do for you. I still think our princesses should have a playdate. Don't hesitate to call.