Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday Facts

Thankful For:

My hardworking husband. He is a great dad and a wonderful person. Yes, there are days I want to hurt him. There are days we don't see eye to eye so please don't misconstrue the compliments as an indicator that we are perfect and I have the perfect life...Blah. That is not me. We are not perfect. We have had our crap. Lots of it. But I can honestly tell you that his parents did something right with him..he is a good person. Honest, loving, giving and teaches me everyday to look on the bright side of everything life gives us. He has made my life better. He has shown me how to love, how to protect and how to love God.

I am so Thankful for my children. Matthew received an award this week. it was a big deal award. Only one of these awards are given out. It was for the Happiest/joyful student in the school. I was SOOOO proud. I mean his mother is crazy and he some how walks away with this award???

Maybe this is a good indicator he won't need Prozac when he gets older?

Listening To:

A bunch construction going on is quiet. Kids are sleeping...

What's For Dinner: Hot & Ready...feed my family for 6.00? Oh, yeah...

Looking Forward To:

I am planting a garden. My first one. It is a bit late. I am not sure how this will work but we shall see. Let's look on the bright side..I might just get lucky and have nothing grow...not forcing me into making Zucchini bread, muffins, pancakes, name it..

The sun shining, the sun coming around and the sun staying here...

I am Missing:

A baby around the house..I know I am crazy, crazy, crazy. crazy...but the whole new baby thing is so addicting.

Quote of the week: AMEN! ...Carter walks around the house yelling AMEN!

What are your Friday Facts??

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Oh, I am right there with you. Seeing adorable little baby girls with their stick-on hair bows and ruffly butts, I want another one. Not enough to actually have another one, but I want one!!