Monday, June 14, 2010

Potty training sucks.

And it is gross. It is messy. I really really really wish I could send them away to a potty training boot camp. Somebody PLEASE start one up.

I am joking. I don't anyone else helping my kiddos in the training process.

You would think I have potty trained 2 kids that I would be a pro , Super Potty Training Mama.


Not here.

The beginning is always gross.
Every child is different.
Matthew learned by peeing outside. Olivia received bandaids as her reward. Carter likes candy.
Screw the reward chart. I can't hardly remember to balance the checkbook let alone put a shiny star on a chart.
What are your ideas? Even if I have 3 kids..I still LOVE other moms advice.

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our sweet life

here's my 'stalker comment'...potty training sucks! i've got 5 kids and it was the WORST part of having kids-BAR NONE!!! it's probably the reason i didn't have any more~except for the fact that i'd end up in a looney bin...or in rehab! advice? nope. sympathizing with you? ABSOLUTELY!!!