Friday, June 11, 2010

It's just a poll

I was watching a show yesterday, I don't remember the name , it was on Bravo and they where talking about sex and the average married couple with children are having sex once a month. Now without being to graphic I just thought that seemed a bit low. I mean who answers these polls? Are those polls out there really a reflection on the average American people? Sometimes I see a poll and I wonder " who in the heck did they poll? " The polls on my blog CANNOT I repeat CANNOT be traced back to you. I will never know who clicked on what. I SWEAR. I just wanted to see what the average blog reader , average married, not married person ( but a couple with children) has to say.

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Ok but they said married with young children. You said you wanted to know what married and single thought about it. The results won't be comparable if you do it that way. I would love to hear your results on married with small children though.

the story of my life...

Good point..I clarified..I was meaning if your in a relationship but maybe not married with children?

Here I Am.

I'm glad you posted this poll. The results will be interesting!!

Mama D.'s Dozen

Too funny!

Let's just say ... we had our first 6 babies in 6 years. Nope ... having young children did not hinder the s*x life.

:) :) :)