Monday, June 14, 2010

Super Busy

Although the weather has been horrible lately the sun decided to come through for us this weekend. I decided to have an impromptu garage sale. I did a sweep of the house the messy, everywhere you turn there is crap and put it for sale. The one thing I wish I would have taken into consideration is that it was the first nice Saturday in a long time. Nobody was really out to garage sale. They where at home cleaning their garage.

I love the ones who show up at 7:30 as you still have tarps on your stuff and the rip off your tarps, you get back from hanging out your signs only to find them digging through everything. I love the ones who pick up an item that is priced at 25 cents and want you to take a dime.


My favorite has to be when 2 customers get into a fight. This is priceless. One has to be 70 and the other maybe 30 and they fight over ONE shirt. I keep thinking I am going to grab the shirt and put it back into the donate pile. Thoughts of punishing them as I would my 2 & 4 Year old children.

Listen people, if you can't get along I will remove the said item until one of you can play fair.

Good Times.

Jeremy took the kids to the fishing derby. Olivia was to young and Matthew was right at the cutoff for his age. He caught his limit and then had to come home to clean them. GROSS. Carter LOVED the whole concept of fishing. Jeremy told me he was so excited. Carter actually touched the fish and tried to kiss it. DOUBLE YUK!

We closed up shop and went to a going away party for Jeremy's Cousin. She and her family are moving to Idaho. It was great to get together but sad to know she is moving 10 hours away. Just another reminder that family is important.

Sunday we finally made it to church ( as we have missed at least a good month) only to see our number flashing on the screen ( 2nd time in a row) to go and retrieve one of our darling children. Have I mentioned before we sit close to the front? Carter had to come sit with us for about an hour during service ( he had gotten sick , not flu sick just his tummy stuff) he did great sitting on our laps minus the spilt coffee and kicking the elderly ladies chair a few times.

After church the rain started AGAIN. Blah.

We proceeded to head to our local Log Show event. Matthew loved the show and Olivia was excited to see the tug of war between the loggers and the kids. Of course the kids WON!

And the sun came out!

This weekend was full and I loved it.

Kids snuggled into bed at 7:30 and me 8:30.

I was wide awake at 3am by 5:30 I was back in bed.

I was reminded that for me to complain about how busy I am or to complain about how my weekends fill up with obligations for others , it is not about us. It is about others. It is about showing respect, love and admiration and I am okay if my summer looks like that.

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The Kingsborough Queen

wow, you did have a busy weekend! plus, how did i miss so many postings? were you superblogger??? do you have a busy summer?