Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Facts

I have not blog Friday Facts for awhile , over a month actually. I figured I should really start going at it again.

I am feeling somewhat better. I still have help that comes 2 days a week , helps with laundry, and other chores along with babysitting so I can get some things accomplished. This week has been my busiest by far. I am overwhelmed. Tired. Crabby. Hurting.

So I am going to finish today off with a cleaning marathon ( I have help coming) and then I swear I am laying in bed yelling at my kids to get me this & that , bossing my husband around and relaxing.

Thankful For:

Finding a great deal on tickets to California . I am also thankful for my mother in law who answered her phone at least 12 times to help me with the whole booking process ( no joke ) I was so nervous. I did not plan on going to Disneyland. I don't even know that we could afford to go when the times comes to fly out , but hey we are leaving on a Jet Plane. I don't spend that kinda money and especially on a whim. I was thankful I booked it. I had like 7 friends who booked flights.

Listening To:

Miss America change her outfit for the 3rd time all while picking on Carter , Making him scream.

What's For Dinner:

I have no idea. None.

Looking Forward To:

Doing nothing tomorrow.

Quote of the week:

"MOM!!!!!!!!! MOM!!!!! MOM!!!! "

What are your Friday Facts?

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Brandon and Kari Mulder

I love reading your are so blunt and I absolutely love it...enjoy your weekend :)