Tuesday, May 4, 2010

damn it

Oh, my sweet Carter where in the did you learn to say that word? Oh, what's that? From your hot.good looking.hot Mama? Now why would she ever say such a word?

Oh that's right...

When you took off your diaper and crapped all over my floor or when you took a pen to my couch and what about when you put goldfishes in the light switch and what about when you put barbie clothes and hair bows in the fish tank and that was all in ONE day, I am confident you heard that word ALOT.

Maybe you heard it when your dad asks me for the 100th time where he put some thing.a.ma.bob. , or when he leaves a huge mess in the clean kitchen at night so I can stumble my butt out of bed and look at his destruction.

You could have heard it when Matthew wouldn't stop picking on Miss America, or when Matthew decided that chewing gum belongs on the back of the chair and not in the garbage.

Oh, what about when I ask your brother a million times to pick up his dog's crap and he doesn't resulting in you stepping in it?

You had to have heard it when Miss America locked herself in the bathroom and I could not get her out. Or when she was in there decided my eyeshadow looked better on the floor in powder form.

You chanting the word "damn it" is a tad bit funny. Yes, I laugh and then feel really bad that I say such a thing. The bad feeling leaves pretty quickly because you and your siblings are on to some crazy plan on how to drive your mom crazy.