Thursday, January 3, 2013


I figured out why I was so tired...let's just say my tummy is hurting..I will spare you the details. My body is saying slow down. My legs are saying slow down..give me a break. My tailbone is screaming " you're killing me"

My bed was calling my name at 7:30 last night...sleep came at 8:30. I was just not feeling well.

Woke up , showered and bed made by 7 this morning. Not to shabby...I would start laundry but my little one is still sleeping.

 I had to wake up my oldest one...he overslept. The truck was nice and warm for him. Yes, this mom goes out and warms up the truck for him. I am scared of the ice on his windows and peephole driving. My friends ( no names) called me to let me now that he was seen driving to school with just a small hole to see out of. Aww.. the joys of living in a small town and to see all the people who care about him.

I have noticed that my Princess is on her time. I have to be after her constantly about what time it is...This is new to me. She Lolly gags...she sings..she changes her outfit..she changes her hair pretties..she repacks her back pack....and the goes over the checklist a million times before everything is complete for her to get on the bus. Her backpack has to be packed just right. Her extra sweatshirt must be in her backpack. Maybe it is a girl thing???? I want to rip my hair out.

I am bring my mom to the airport today. She is going to Hawaii. I am happy for her....a bit sad I am not going. My uncle has a place there and has been there a month. When can I retire??? My mom does not travel much so this is a once in a lifetime trip for her.

If you plan on driving past my house and the lights are still up till February....keep in mind..Red & white are Valentine's day colors.

~ Enjoy your life!

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