Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Back To The Routine

Alarm goes off...push snooze 3 times. I barely slept. I was afraid of pushing the 4 year old little boy off the bed. 12am is to late to go to bed. I was afraid of over sleeping so instead I woke up about 5 times thinking about the crazy filled,meltdown over breakfast. can't find the shoes. where is the library books back to school routine.

As the hubby was leaving for work he proceeds to remind me to track my spending today. SHUT UP
It is the start of a New Year!! I want coffee and more of it. I stare at the computer.....Okay, I say. Knowing I am not going anywhere today so tracking my spending will be easy.

Olivia is up early. She didn't sleep good either. She was worried about her hair. I cut about 6 inches off and she wanted to make sure I had time to curl it. I found the time in between her 5th outfit change. After she looked beautiful..I hear the bus. I am yelling at her from the top of the stairs to hurry up the bus is here...she arrives in princess fashion to the door in ANOTHER outfit. I walk her out...she looks at me and smiles. Proud of her new look. I kiss her head and she tells me she will miss me.

Matthew worked on his truck yesterday. He made 3 trips to the Auto Store. He was proud of his work, as I would be! Only for his morning to fail when his truck only makes it 6 blocks. He comes back grabs the other set of keys and off to school he goes, late. CRABBY

Carter refuses to go to school and I didn't fight him. Not today. Not a battle I am picking with him today.

Here I am...still in my Yoga pants, you know the ones that have never seen Yoga? I feel drained. Tired. I have done nothing to really be tired. I thinks that's the problem. Getting started is the problem. I only have myself to blame. The guilt is not bad though...I still have no plans other then Laundry, bed making, Dinner prep and a shower. Wow, my life is groundhogs day.

Maybe, I will lay in the couch and watch a about that for sprucing up the routine???

No Pinterest for will make me feel like a failure...ha!

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