Saturday, December 24, 2011


I am a huge lover of Halloween costumes! Most people collect tea cups, spoons, arts & crafts, and other stuff you can display...but me it is ugly holiday sweaters and costumes!! This year Carter was our puppy. During the small amount of time we went trick or treating he would walk like a dog to each one point going into a house and sitting there like a dog. House after house I had to coax him out of the real dog even took to him as a play mate.

He didn't understand that you could only take one candy. He would reach into the bowl pulling out as many pieces he could with his chubby fingers...Nobody cared because he was house yelled for us as we where leaving so the rest of their family could see him.

Miss America went with her friend so I missed my picture moment....she wanted to be a witch but I don't like scary things so I bought a silver glitter wig and had her be a fun "Rockstar Witch"

And Matthew...he went to his first party.....

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