Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Re-Cap 2011

2012 Wow! Here is to a New Year and to maybe a new me??

2011 Recap

* Matthew is taller then me...his pants are high waters even though we just bought them at the beginning of the school year. He played football for the High School...Yes, my baby is in High School!
He went to his first formal dance, Halloween party, New Years Eve party and many more firsts for him. He passed driver's Ed and all of his classes 3 B's and One A! He volunteers each week at Church and every other month he does Digital media at Church. The have even contacted him about running soundboard. I am so proud of him.

*Olivia stared kindergarten...not much has changed with the school schedule..other then they are not fighting as much. Still screaming. No seriously, she is growing up way to fast! She has been taking art classes and is doing AMAZING!
She is very social. She loves having friends over everyday. She wakes up asking who will be home and who is coming over. She is learning to read and is catching on very quickly. Her new thing is to a big girl and shower by herself ( there goes the water bill and no hot water) and pick out outfits, along with brushing her own hair.
She is loves to doddle on everything , keeping it to paper...that's a good thing.

* Carter John....always happy. Not to sure of preschool. I have been talked to about him listening and paying attention. I am sure he will be kicked out soon. He will be turning 4 soon! He is a cuddle bug and crawls into my bed with his head on mine. He calls Jeremy "Dada" I think it is cute. He asks everyday if Dada went to work and when I say yes he gets so upset but he continues to ask hoping I say no.
He has mastered the Wii and is now on to the XBOX...he is just like Matthew in so many ways. He has wanted to move out about 10 times this year. His way of manipulation on getting his way.

* Jeremy is still employed! Whoop-Whoop! Small things that can make a family feel at peace.
He is still doing his Watch & Clock repair on the side.
He has carpel tunnel and had surgery a few months back on hand one...and the 2nd surgery will be Feb. 1st. He is such a blessing to me.

* And then there is ME! I am looking forward to a New Year...My only goal would be that I learn to accept...Accept me for who I am and not who I think I should be.

**** Happy New Year****

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