Saturday, March 12, 2011


Thursday I was told that I would need another surgery. I would arrive Friday night and surgery would be first thing on Saturday,

The surgery was to take about 3 hours and 3 hours turned into 7 hours. They did a fusion. They needed to go into the front to place a plate ( like a c-section) and into the back to place the screws.

I was not as anxious this time around. I was sitting in my van before going in and praying. Praying hard. Praying for my anxiety ( as I have huge issues with dying and medications) and I felt calm almost like an expert. I mean having 5 surgeries you do just go with the flow. You get used to doctors, nurses being knocked out and coming to all the things hospital's bring...

I don't remember where I woke up or much of it. I normally do remember most stuff. I hate waking up and always cry.

This time I had about 3 nurses telling me that they had to to do chest compressions. I died. My heart stopped. I have no idea for how long or what really happened. Things are pretty vague. The only thing I could could think of was the fact God was with me. His plan for me is more then I know.

But lets talk about how this incident has fed fuel to my my anxiousness and left me feeling out of sorts. I have no idea if this common thing or if something went wrong during the procedure that caused this ( duh, I am sure it did) I just don't know. I am waiting for the report.

I feel good. I am sore. For all of you moms out there who have had or are going to have C-sections I feel for you. It hurts. you can't laugh or roll over, cough or sneeze without it being painful. I don't even have a baby to take care of.

Thank you for the prayers if you prayed for me. They where needed.

It reminds me that prayer is always needed.

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Amy Cheechov

Wow, that sounds intense. I am glad that you made it through, and I know you are strong enough to make it through the recovery.

Mama D.'s Dozen

I am soooo.... sorry!!!

Praying for you!



My prayers are with you at this time. As you know I have had 2 c-sections, and that was enough. The whole mental and emotional anxiety associated with the actual procedure was enough for me to be done with 2.
Blessings to you and your family for a quick recovery.

Love, Joe, Katie and boys


My goodness Tiffiny, you sure are a trooper!!! Let me know if you need anything - seriously.


I had a c-section with Hazel but not with my boys. I thought the recovery was long and tough!!! I hope you are feeling lots better. You have been through a lot! Love and prayers.


God bless you! I am missing your blog updates! Hope you are feeling good. Have a wonderful mother's day!


Praying for you.........