Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Carter John Deere

Oh, I know I have not blogged in forever. I will fill you in later on why but for now I want to share a few things about my baby AKA Carter John Deere.

That is what he calls himself as he is decked out with his John Deere sweatshirt and hat. For Christmas he received 9 John Deere trucks & trailers. The kid is in heaven. I just love watching him play with all his trucks, tractors & trailers.

About a month ago I could hear him screaming on the kitchen counter. I ran into the kitchen only to find blood coming from his mouth and Miss America telling me she was going to her room for a big time out.

It took only seconds for me to realize she had used the toe nail clippers on his tongue. YIKES!! he cried for a few seconds as my mom was here and shoved a towel in his mouth so we could see how much damage had been done. Lucky for us ,very little had been cut. He cried for a few seconds and now tells anyone who listens his Lala ( Olivia) cut his tongue with scissors, oh, that's great. Some secrets are meant to be kept in our home ( not that I am blogging about it)

He tells me this morning that going on the potty makes him sick and his back hurts so he needs to wear his diaper.

He takes my coffee and always asks for a "little bit " and that means 2 big gulps , puts down the cup and exclaims he has germs.
If I do something he doesn't like ( like say no to having his pliers grip my nose) he tells me I am on the naughty list.

He is loud. He doesn't mean to be it is just his personality. He loves people and birthdays. We have let him have his way one to many times ( give me a break he is the baby) when it comes to blowing out other peoples candles. We have a string of birthday's from September to December , each time we sing for the birthday person we must relight the candles and let him do it.

I am so thankful for my Carter John Deere. He always has a smile , he loves to cuddle and melts my heart daily.

We love our "Surprise" baby ...

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