Thursday, December 30, 2010

296 pounds

Yep, that is what our total so far is in our weight loss journey.

I have no idea why I am sharing this or even giving it a title.

I am trying to find a blessing in each and everyday.

Play-doh is not as fun as what it looks like on TV.

It should snow and quit being cold.

The kids should really learn the Fruits of the Spirit.

I should really thrown on some jeans and fluff my hair before my hubby comes home.

I am working on not complaining or grumbling when doing things for my family, myself or others.

I am randomly blogging so you won't forget about me.

Billy Madison is still a funny classic.

My teenage son is full of teenage angst.

I will soon be registering Miss America for School and Carter for preschool ( God willing he learns not to pee outside or on the floor)

When I have free time I am going to decorate the house ( if you know me, your laughing)

Over the last few months God is testing me, he is given me what I can handle as long as I have trust and faith in him.

I am guarded by nature.

2011 I will strive to LIVE and not go through the motions.

I will laugh more. Worry Less.

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J5 Farms

You guys look amazing, seriously that is awesome! I'm bummed that we had to miss the Christmas party, hopefully next year.


Congratulations on your many successes and Best Wishes for a very Happy New Year!

Lance still pees everywhere too!


Thinking of you, hope things are going alright. Wishing you a happy 2011


So proud of you and your weight loss...I know all too well how hard it is to do. You look great. Glad I got to see you last night. Wishing you a great 2011.